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Krav Maga Worldwide’s® mission has always been about empowering people with skills that will make them safer. In the COVID-19 lockdown era and subsequent transition into reopening, making people safer and keeping people safe in our training centers has taken on a different meaning. Of course, our training programs have changed a bit to align with regulations from the California Department of Health regarding social distancing and person-to-person contact. More than that however we have developed new hourly, daily, and weekly disinfecting protocols to ensure that our training centers and equipment are free from viruses and bacteria.

A major part of our cleaning protocols is a company called GTech Protection and the GTech line of products. 

GTech Clean is an EPA approved disinfectant spray that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on contact and leaves a microscopic layer of protection that lasts for up to five days on any surface that it is applied to. 

GTech also makes a hand and body sanitizer called GTech Armour that provides the same germ killing power as GTech Clean but is specially formulated for skin so it won’t cause dryness, cracking, or any sort of skin irritations or allergic reactions

GTech Clean and GTech Armour are pretty remarkable products with a great story behind them. They were created by a couple who wanted a better disinfectant and hand sanitizer for their kids who were having terrible allergic reactions to other disinfectants and hand sanitizers on the market at the time. You can read all about their story and how Krav Maga Worldwide discovered GTech by clicking here.

GTech Clean is also trusted and used by many First Responder agencies in the field. Check out this video to see some of the ways that GTech Clean is used to disinfect patrol cars, ambulances, and equipment used by First Responders. 

Gtech Clean is applied to our training rooms using a disinfectant fogger called the NuPower Compact Trigger Sprayer twice a week in a process that is referred to as a “deep decontamination”. It’s also applied to the mats and equipment in our training rooms before and after each class. GTech Clean is easily applied the disinfectant sprayer but can also be applied simply from a 16oz spray bottle (or any size spray bottle) and a cloth. Check out this video of how easy it is to apply this powerful disinfectant to a heavy bag at one of our HQ Training Centers in Los Angeles.

Krav Maga Worldwide® has always taken pride in the cleanliness of our certified training centers however the definition of cleaning and disinfecting protocols has changed for every person, family, and business. GTech Clean and the GTech line of products are helping to make these changes by providing quality products that are safe, easy to use, and long-lasting. 

GTech Clean can be used on any hard or soft surface in any home, car, room, office. GTech Armour is safe and effective to use on your hands and body and we encourage our members to use it before and after training for an added layer of protection against germs. It’s also a great surface disinfectant for use while on the go. All of these great products, including the Nu Power Compact Trigger sprayer, are available for purchase by the public!

You can get an extra 5% off of GTech Protection’s already great prices if you use the coupon code GTECHVIP at checkout. For more information check out their website or shoot an email to [email protected] 

In addition to disinfecting with GTech Clean, the Krav Maga Worldwide HQ Training Centers in Los Angeles have instituted a number of other health and safety protocols to protect members, staff and instructors. You can check out what we are doing in the video below.

Since the time we made this video the California Department of Health has issued even more safety guidelines for gyms and fitness centers. Krav Maga Worldwide HQ Training Centers is proud to say that we are in alignment with all of the new guidelines. One of these includes wearing masks and gloves at all times when training. It’s a bit of a challenge but all of our members, staff, and instructors have embraced it and will continue to work to keep our entire community safe and healthy. 

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