This past weekend Krav Maga Worldwide held another Women Only Intro class at Krav Maga Worldwide HQ Training Center Sherman Oaks. Once again it was a fun and challenging class. This group of motivated women, lead by Krav Maga Worldwide Expert Instructors Kim Mills and Archie Abarghoei, learned fundamental Krav Maga combatives and took part in some drills that applied these skills in various contexts.

Krav Maga self defense techniques are based on using the body's natural reaction so retaining the skills learned from these specially designed Women Only Intro Classes is easy. It's best to be training on these techniques on a regular basis but our classes can bring attendees to a high level of proficiency very quickly.

Some of the women attending the class had previous martial arts experience. Some had none but everyone left the class feeling energized and empowered.

We have another Women Only Intro Class coming up on Sunday, March 26th. For details and registration CLICK HERE!


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