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Shorts - Pros and cons

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  • Shorts - Pros and cons

    Anyone give me some general advice on compression shorts with cup vs jockstrap & cup.

    Any advantages or disadvantages?


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    Re: Shorts - Pros and cons

    I find in general the shorts feel more comfortable, but the jockstrap holds the cup in place better.


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      Re: Shorts - Pros and cons

      My own experience. Shorts: Pro's... none. Cons: they fit great till after a few washes then the crotch will start to sag and lets just say it feels wrong.
      I have tried Bike, shock DR and a few others and i never found any of them to be that good.
      after getting my first jockstrap "ever"... i now know why they are required in many major sports... they work. I for one can deal with an uncomfertable piece of equipment to save my boy's. It only takes one swift kick to make a man wear them everyday.
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        Re: Shorts - Pros and cons

        Then there's always the belt and suspenders approach. The Nutty Buddy cup uses compression shorts with a jock over them and the cup slips in between. Watching the videos of guys taking 90 mph fastballs to the 'nads convinced me. So far, so good.


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          Re: Shorts - Pros and cons

          I've only used the jockstrap. It works and there has been plenty of times where if I wasn't wear a cup, I would have regretted it!
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