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    Bullsh*t………….there is no grey area of any kind when a 14 yr old gets seduced by an ADULT person with the intent of sex. I would feel no different if the pedofile was a woman, sleeping with a 14 yr.old boy.

    Maybe she was too enamored, too scared, too secluded, too anything, it doesn’t mean she wanted a relationship or knew that things could lead to this end. But HE did know. What kind of realtionship does an adolescent know of. That is the point, he knew better, then did what is an ILLEGAL act on a child. The wife should get the entire estate, she’ll need it. He ruined several lives with his own stupidity.

    He will pay hansomely when he is bunking with Big Bubba doing the jailhouse horizontal bop. Whatever happens he deserves. No excuses, no angles, nothing can make up for a crime such as this. I pray that the little girl gets counceling so she may get passed this whole ordeal.

    It’s not a Krav thing, it’s a person to person thing. Don’t sacrifice your training so more people are effected
    by this moron. Go get yourself to KM and start training.

    Watch your children, and more importantly, listen to them, ask questions and be involved. You can’t fence in your kids. But you can stay actively involved.
    Not trying to make this a sermon, but IMHO.


    Just to clarify, prospective instructors do go through a background check, but that will only tell us if the person has a known criminal history.


    I agree 100% with jl. Her age now means nothing. The whole thing STARTED when she was 14. Incidents like this make very glad that some verrry bad people will be waiting for him in prison. He will get what he deserves in the gray-bar hotel.


    Thanks for the encouragement to join Krav community. I do understand it is not the other instructor’s faults. I hold nothing against anyone but the pedophile that committed the crime. Hopefully justice will be served and no one will have to worry about him any longer.

    We are still giving it a try next Tuesday. If it goes well, and we feel comfortable, we will sign up. I am just saying the decision was a no brainer until this came up…

    I really enjoyed the jujitsu class we sampled also. I just don’t believe it is as practical. But that’s for another discussion area I guess. 😉


    As for criminal background checks, are there any specific standards a KM instructor must meet, or does it depend on the situation? For example, if he has been convicted of a misdemeanor, but no felony, would that be okay? What if he’s been convicted of a felony, even served some time, but it was long ago and he has sinced turned his life around and has become one of the good guys? Would a felony conviction be forgiven in such a case? Does it depend on what kind of felony it was?

    Actually, as long as the person convicted of the felony has changed, his former experience being on the other side of the law may even be an asset, as he might have some insight on how crimes are being committed from the criminal’s point of view.




    [quote:1d32686ebc=\”Giant Killer\”]As for criminal background checks, are there any specific standards a KM instructor must meet, or does it depend on the situation?

    There seems to be some disagreement about BG checks at all… Maybe they used to but now don’t? Vise Versa?

    [quote:1d32686ebc=\”Dave_Bluestein\”] But we bring all types of people in as instructors. We do not do background checks and even if we did, they would not be perfect. [/quote:1d32686ebc]

    [quote:1d32686ebc=\”Ryan\”]Just to clarify, prospective instructors do go through a background check, but that will only tell us if the person has a known criminal history.[/quote:1d32686ebc]

    Granted, they wouldn’t stop someone who had never been prosecuted, no argument there. But it’s always a huge embarrassment for any organization when someone gets hurt and they find out a background check could have highlighted a potential problem.


    Background checks are done. I ran a phase A at my school last week, and it was one of the things required for prospective instructors.


    Ill have to check into it further. I dont believe that formal checks are done at the NTC. Usually, before we allow someone to go through instructor training, we know them for a while. Also, those that are sent to us usually come from other schools. It is entirely possible that checks are done on those people, by their respective schools. I have never heard of a background check being done on any of our instructors though. It is possible that I am wrong.

    I will check and get back to you all.


    Dave, I’m not sure about NTC instructors, but background checks are a part of the licensee program.


    I do know that one of the forms I signed before going through phase a during August of this year was a consent for KMW to do a background on me. Now, I have no way of knowing if they actually did it, but I did give them permission to do it.



    quote \”jesse_rk\:

    Scott was a Krav Maga instructor. My wife and I visited his school a few times. We had just signed up to take lessons there. Our trial lesson is next Tuesday with one of the other instructors at the school. I know it’s not the other instructor’s fault, but the place gives me the creeps now.

    This is the only Krav school I could find in our area. If I am uncomfortable there I will train in jujitsu instead. Krav was our first choice, then this happened…

    We found out about it on this forum.

    Don’t let one bad apple spoil it for you. Bring up your concerns to the school before you decide to forget it. Unfortunately this world isn’t as nice as it used to be so many years ago. Not so long ago, priests doing things of this nature was absurd to think about and now look at our world 🙁

    I think you’re doing yourself and your spouse a disservice by not giving it one chance. I didn’t read the story but the thing is, the guy’s not there now.



    Sorry for the misunderstanding. We are giving it a chance. I am just saying the JJ is my alternative if we are uncomfortable with the school. We may have to move our appointment from tomorrow to another day next week, but we will still give it a try.

    My biggest concern was my wife being uncomfortable there, but she seems to be of your opinion and doesn’t want to punish the good instructors there because of the bad one who no longer works there.

    I am sure things will work out. It may be awkward at first, but we will give it a shot.


    Regardless of whether or not background checks are followed up on by KMW, Krav Maga Maryland does independant background checks on all our instructors.

    Well, it seems like justice, to some extent will be done. It’s really hard to think about the guy’s wife and her baby. And also, if you read the whole article, the families that are surrounding the training facility seem to be rallying with support for the wife. So, in the midst of tragedy, I would say the community of martial artists are really pulling together.

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)
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