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    Re: Getting confued

    There is a danger in confusing teaching tools and methods with technique. Teaching the pluck and kick separately is a must, but the student should always strive for explosiveness in BOTH portions together.

    There is no problem if the attack comes with a slight push, causing the defender to involuntarily take a check step back as his hands fly to the problem. The danger is in teaching a voluntary step back which delays the pluck. you’ll find that when asking students to simultaneously step back and execute, almost always the student will send the hands to the choke then pause momentarily before plucking, making it more of a pull. This is because it takes time to step back and then move your weight forward again in a kick. Another issue is that of the step itself. If confronted by a strong attacker intent on choking you in close, your step may not happen as you are working against all the attackers fingers, the strongest part of the choke, as opposed to the thumbs, the weakest part of the choke.

    As for rolling of the thumbs, if you’re trying to grab the thumbs to roll them out you’re not being explosive. As far as I know there are no plans on changing the terminology from “Pluck” to “Peel”.


    Re: Getting confued

    What I don’t like about the step back is that it is a wasted motion in my opinion. In the time it takes you to step back, you might as well lift your leg into the other direction and do the kick instead. If you feel yourself being pushed back and off balance, so that you HAVE to step, you should probably do the choke with a push defense instead of the pluck.


    Re: Getting confued

    “that would be silly, or karate” – JamesH



    Re: Getting confued

    I have to humbly say that I disagree with the assertion that several folks have made in this thread that the kick and the pluck (when breaking a two-handed chokehold from the front) should be taught separately and then brought together. NO, NO, NO!!! That confuses the heck out of people. The pluck and kick should happen simultaneously – period. If students have problems with doing that, then it’s a training issue that the instructor should address.

    Our instructors always teach us tio train as if you were in a fight, and if you get people thinking about the technique then they’re gonna screw it up. It’s better to teach the technique the proper way from the beginning.

    Just my opinion…



    Re: Getting confued

    I agree, James nailed the post. No need to teach one way, then the other, then back to the other way… as we can see this only serves to confuse the student.


    Re: Getting confued

    I tried teaching the two step method briefly in some of my classes shortly after I saw it like that in a seminar. I found it rather unnecessary to break it down so much and it made the lesson longer than it needs to be. If students are taught to be explosive in their front kicks prior to learning the choke defense, they should have no problem in putting the steps together.

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