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Aug 26

Register Now for FIGHT FOR THE CURE!


As a memorial tribute to an extraordinary woman, Marni Levine, one of the founders of Krav Maga Worldwide™, who lost her battle to breast cancer in 2006, Krav Maga Worldwide™ and STOP CANCER created The Marni Fund with a shared mission dedicated to supporting young, innovative researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson, USC Norris and City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Centers. The Marni Fund is supported by funds raised through Krav Maga Worldwide™ Fight For The Cure Annual Seminars and Events, the annual STOP CANCER 5|10K Run|Walk and through donations directly to STOP CANCER in memory of Marni Levine. Please join us on the weekend of September 27th and 28th for these great events and help us continue to “Fight For The Cure.”

ACTIVE SHOOTER NEUTRALIZATION – FIGHT FOR THE CURE SEMINAR with Krav Maga Worldwide™ Chief Instructor Darren Levine.

Location: Krav Maga Worldwide™ HQ • WEST LA

11400 Olympic Blvd., Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 9064

Date: September 27, 2014

Time: 3:00pm – 7:00pm

Price: $99

FIGHT FOR THE CURE / STOP CANCER 5k or 10k Run/Walk &Family Fun Day

Location: Woodley Park
 6335 Woodley Avenue
Van Nuys, CA 91304

Date: September 28, 2014

Time: 8:00am – 11:00am

Price: $35 for Adults, $25 for “youth” 14yrs and younger.

Who can attend: EVERYONE!! KMW members, employees (WLA, SO, HQ) family and friends.

For more information on these great events and to register click the button below.


Jun 18

Congratulations Black Belt Third Dans!


We are pleased and honored to announce an extraordinary accomplishment realized by a truly exemplary group of Krav Maga Worldwide™ Instructors. 

On May 4th, 2014, Jeff Mount (Krav Maga Maryland), Charles “CJ” Kirk (Krav Maga Houston), Jeff Fredericksen (Krav Maga Worldwide of Indianapolis), Pawel Cichowlas (Krav Maga Detroit), Eric Sepeda (Krav Maga Atlanta), and on June 14th, 2014, Todd Goldman, Christian Medina, Mike Burton, Wayne Miller, and Matt Romond, (the latter five, all Krav Maga Worldwide™ in-house instructors) successfully participated in a comprehensive and extremely challenging third-degree black belt test administered by Chief Instructor, Darren Levine. Their training course and the test focused on advanced controlling techniques, police holds and restraints, sentry neutralization, garroting attack methods, advance fight tactics, knife fighting, unarmed defenses against bayonet style stabbing attacks with an assault rifle or shotgun, rifle against rifle fighting, weapon retention on handgun, weapon retention on rifle when the rifle and defender are being grabbed, and so much more.

In addition, Krav Maga Worldwide™ instructors Kelly Campbell, AJ Draven, Howard Mallen, and Mitch Markowitz participated in the training, and successfully completed the third degree black belt test as a requirement for their upcoming fourth degree black belt test – wish them luck!

This tremendous achievement is due to these talented instructors seeking out more knowledge, growth, giving everything they had by working incredibly hard, and genuinely earning their promotions. They have reached a high level reserved for only a select few within the Krav Maga Worldwide™ System.

“I am thrilled with the training course and the test, and I am absolutely
certain that this accomplishment would have filled Grand Master Imi Lichtenfeld with pride
and happiness. The entire Krav Maga Worldwide organization extends our heartfelt praise
and congratulations to this very talented group of instructors.”

- Krav Maga Worldwide™ Chief Instructor, Darren Levine





CJ started Krav Maga training in 1997 after being held up at gunpoint. He loves teaching Krav Maga because it empowers people to do more, be more, live more, and fear less.

He could not be more proud of what he does by spreading Krav Maga because it offers people an alternative to feeling fear and self-doubt.  His hope for everyone is that they do Krav Maga, that they become good at Krav Maga, that their lives become bigger and richer, and that they never have to use Krav Maga to defend themselves.

CJ is also a certified Kung Fu, Ju-Jitsu, and a Kali instructor. He has even won a tough man contests. But most of all, CJ has committed himself to be an excellent Krav Maga instructor and to constantly improve and grow within the system. He has worked especially hard to develop knife retention system that is sure to benefit everyone in the Krav Maga Worldwide program. He is selfless and supportive, and always serves as a team player to help others who are part of the Krav Maga Worldwide family.


With well over 20 years of martial arts training experience and 14 years of instructional experience, Jeff brings a well-rounded background as Director of Operations and Chief Instructor with Krav Maga Maryland. Jeff also serves Krav Maga Worldwide as a Train the Trainer Instructor, mentoring and evaluating other instructors from across the country.

He is extremely dedicated to instructing military and law enforcement instructors, and he holds Advanced Force Trainer certifications with Krav Maga Worldwide’s Force Training Division. He has trained law enforcement officers from over 45 agencies including Baltimore County Police Department, United States Secret Service, Baltimore City Police Department, NSA Police, Pentagon Police, Howard County Police Department, Maryland State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigations, United States Capitol Police, Montgomery County Police Department, PG County SWAT, United States Marshal Service, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, and many more. Jeff has also created customized pre-deployment training for numerous military units and civilian personnel headed overseas.


Jeff is the owner and Head Instructor of Krav Maga Worldwide of Indianapolis. Jeff’s passion of teaching Krav Maga was recognized in which he recently was awarded “Instructor of the Year – 2010” of Krav Maga Worldwide Training Centers.

With a passion for sports since a young age, he has participated in football, basketball, soccer and wrestling. Jeff has competitively wrestled in Japan and throughout the United States. He also partook in Sport Fighting with many different associations. In addition to his elaborate athletic resume, Jeff has studied Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, boxing, and Thai kickboxing.

Jeff came across Krav Maga after college in order to fulfill the physical void he missed from wrestling. He instantly fell in love with the program. Jeff earned his Black Belt at the instructor level on March 29th, 2009. As an outstanding leader, he demonstrates his passion and devotion for the sport in his teaching performance and dedication to his students.

In our continuing effort to improve and evolve the Krav Maga system, we’ve called upon some of the best Krav Maga and grappling minds in the world and formed a committee to find ways to improve Krav Maga; specifically relating to grappling, wrestling, takedown defenses, etc. The committee consisted of high-level Krav Maga Worldwide Lead Instructors, Champion Wrestlers, and Grappling Experts. Jeff had a huge role in helping to develop the program and to teach it throughout the United States and abroad.


Eric is the Chief Instructor at Atlanta Krav Maga and Fitness. He opened his first Krav Maga school in 2003. He has trained in various other styles of Martial Arts since the age of 12, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Goju-Ryu Karate.

Eric took his first Krav Maga class in 2002 and has been training in it ever since, He recently worked with director, Rob Cohen and Stunt Performer, Mark Hicks as a Fight Choreographer for the movie “Alex Cross”, staring Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox.  Eric has also worked as a Krav Maga Technical Advisor for the USA television show, “Necessary Roughness” with actor, Scott Cohen.

Eric expresses his love for the Krav Maga method by stating, “I saw what true Krav Maga could do for people and I could think of nothing else I would rather do with my days than train and teach”.


Pawel is a Krav Maga instructor who demonstrates a keen understanding of the Krav Maga philosophy, techniques and fighting methods. He founded Krav Maga Detroit and serves as its owner and Chief Instructor. Pawel is a certified Force Training Division Instructor and has taught Krav Maga and Weapons Defense extensively to civilians and law enforcement personnel in the US and abroad.

Pawel is always determined to make himself a better instructor and to be more knowledgeable in the Krav Maga System. He is deeply committed to keeping people free from harm in a violent world, and he works closely with law enforcement to ensure that his community is safe and strong. He is a past recipient of the Krav Maga Worldwide™Instructor of the Year, and is a leader who prides himself on maintaining a tough training regimen. He is an Advanced Force Training Division Instructor and participates in the Krav Maga Worldwide™ Train-the-Trainer program, and was featured in the Krav Maga Worldwide™ Book, Black Belt Krav Maga: Elite Techniques.


Matt Romond has been an integral part of Krav Maga Worldwide for nearly a decade.  He began his martial arts training in 1999 and went on to compete in numerous fighting competitions eventually winning the NASKA Diamond Nationals title for his age and belt rank. In 2003, he earned his first-degree black belt in karate.

In January of 2005, Krav Maga Worldwide™ launched its newly developed km-X™ Kids Self Defense Program and Matt took on an administrative role. By his junior year in college, he was invited to become one of a handful of lead licensing instructors at Krav Maga Worldwide™, charged with training and testing other Krav Maga instructors from around the world. In 2007, he received his first-degree instructor black belt in Krav Maga and graduated with honors from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Philosophy.

Matt is the youngest of a dozen top instructors from around the world who are part of Krav Maga Worldwide™’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC); a committee that reviews all of the techniques and teaching methods in the Krav Maga Worldwide™ system to identify areas that can be updated and/or improved. In 2011, he received his second-degree instructor black belt in Krav Maga from Chief Instructor Darren Levine.

Matt currently serves as Vice President of Strategy and Development for Krav Maga Worldwide™ and continues to oversee the km-X™ Kids Self Defense Program.


Christian Medina is an extremely well-rounded Lead Instructor for Krav Maga Worldwide™.  He regularly serves as a mentor to many of Krav Maga Worldwide’s up and coming instructors.

Christian was compelled to take action after the attacks on September 11th, and began training in Krav Maga to address terrorist hijackings, weapons, and other threats. He expanded his training to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2004 and Judo in 2005, and is currently a brown belt in both.

Christian has CPT certifications from NASM and NCSF, and an MMA Conditioning specialization from NASM. Christian is bilingual and has represented Krav Maga Worldwide™ on numerous TV shows and media outlets, and teaches various Krav Maga seminars around the world.


Todd Goldman began his training at Krav Maga Worldwide™ in 2002. He is certified for Train-the-Trainer (training and mentoring instructors) and Advanced Civilian Law Enforcement.

Todd was awarded his Blue Belt as a student, and became an instructor in April 2005.  He was awarded his 1st Degree Black Belt in 2007, and 2nd Degree Black Belt in 2011.

Off the mat, Todd is a film director, producer and writer and has won several industry and film festival awards for his short-form and commercial work.  He currently works on independent feature films and documentaries that aspire to make a difference in the world.


Wayne Miller is a Krav Maga Worldwide Lead Instructor, and has been training in Krav Maga for over 15 years. Wayne also serves as the Instructor and Program Development Coordinator for Krav Maga Worldwide™.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Wayne began training in Krav Maga in 1999 and eventually became a Licensee of Krav Maga Worldwide™.  In 2010, at the age of 30, he was awarded the prestigious “Krav Maga Worldwide™ Instructor of the Year.”

Wayne expressed interest in furthering his involvement with Krav Maga Worldwide™ and “wanted to learn first hand – as much as possible – from the highest level Krav Maga Worldwide™ Instructors such as Darren Levine, Jon Pascal, and Kelly Campbell.” He moved to Los Angeles in 2012 and began working full time at Krav Maga Worldwide™ headquarters.


Mike Burton is a Krav Maga Worldwide™ Lead Instructor and teaches, roughly, 20 classes a week. He rose to the rank of Black Belt in August of 2009 and earned his 2nd Dan in October of 2011.

Mike began his training at Krav Maga Worldwide™ in an unusual way. He was a professional Bouncer in Chicago for many years and trained in 4 different Martial Arts. At the time, he had a knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong right time and found himself getting into street fights.

He moved to Los Angeles in 1996 to pursue a career in stand-up comedy, and as luck would have it, was tapped to perform his stand-up routine at one of Krav Maga Worldwide’s events.

As a result of that performance he was given a free membership to both Krav Maga Worldwide™ Headquarter Locations in Sherman Oaks and West LA, and was hooked ever since his first class.

Mike’s comedic skills, and love for making people laugh has translated to his teaching style. He has a unique ability to connect with people that helps to motivate and empower them to be safe and fit. Hecklers are a little more hesitant to chime in during his show as well.


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Jun 15

Happy Father’s Day!

Krav Maga Worldwide Happy Father's Day

Krav Maga has been a part of my life for almost 15 years.  What started as a cool and different way to work out and learn how to defend myself, eventually became my job, and is now the backbone of my life.

My life has evolved in many ways over these years.  Most dramatically, when I became a father 15 months ago.  Before this life changing event, I  never talked about time in “months” – but as a parent, I now see time so differently. Every moment counts, and I value my time here on this earth so much more than I ever imagined was possible. It was in this metamorphosis that Krav Maga became more than just my job, my workout, and my hobby.

When my son was born, I was overwhelmed by the feeling that it was my job to protect him and keep him safe and happy in our sometimes difficult and dangerous world.

I no longer do Krav Maga just for me.  I do it for him.  I do it for my family.  I do it to keep my wife and child safe, and our extended circle of beloved friends and family as well.  And while yes, I still do it for me, it is now to keep myself healthy and fit so I can be there for them (and with them) to enjoy this incredible life for as long possible.

There are many fathers (and mothers) out there that do Krav Maga for the same reasons I do, and today I salute you all.  Know that you are appreciated for committing to keeping your families and communities safe.  Know that you are doing something that will improve your life and the lives of those around you, even people you haven’t met yet… because of your ability to protect yourself and others even in the most dangerous of situations.

I am so thankful to be a father, and to value my time and my life in this way. So I am truly grateful for the practice of Krav Maga, helping to empower all of us to keep ourselves, our families, and our communities safe by teaching at Krav Maga Worldwide.

From all us at Krav Maga Worldwide, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

-AJ  @AJDraven - Twitter



AJ Draven is a Krav Maga Worldwide™ 3rd Degree Black Belt. AJ has been training in Krav Maga since 2000 and began teaching students in 2001, and fellow instructors in 2002.



Oct 9

Congratulations to KMW licensee Steve Sohn for earning the rank of Krav Maga Black Belt 2nd Dan!!!


Krav Maga Worldwide wishes to extend special congratulations to Krav Maga Worldwide licensee Steve Sohn who, over the weekend of 10/5/2013 – 10/6/2013, earned the rank of Krav Maga Black Belt 2nd Dan from Krav Maga Worldwide Chief Instructor Darren Levine.

Steve is the owner of Steve Sohn’s Krav Maga Worldwide MMA & Fitness Training Center in Scarsdale, New York, and he originally became a certified Krav Maga Worldwide Instructor in 2001. Steve earned his Black Belt in 2009, and later that same year went on to become KMW’s School Owner of the Year!  Throughout his career as a Krav Maga Worldwide instructor and licensee Steve has pursued and demonstrated excellence and has been honored with numerous other distinctions including an appointment to the Krav Maga Worldwide Advisory Board, the Martial Arts Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and the Marni Levine Fighting Spirit Award.

Steve Sohn continues to be an inspiring instructor, a dedicated friend to his local community, and a beloved member of the KMW family. Steve’s achievement of Black Belt 2nd Dan, is yet another example of his fighting spirit as well as his passion and commitment to train others so that they may walk in pace.

Congratulations, Steve!!