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May 26

What’s the Difference between Krav Maga and Mixed Martial Arts?

People ask me all the time: What's the difference between Krav Maga and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)? Well, allow me to explain the fundamental differences between the two.

With MMA, you want to be a fighter, so you find a gym, you start training, and you start sparring. You bleed, you sweat, you hurt, and you smile. And then, the natural step is to get a fight. Once you have some amateur fights and turn pro, the hobby/fun/sport/martial art becomes business:

  • You decide what weight you will fight at.
  • You find a matchmaker or a matchmaker finds you — sometimes through your gym, sometimes through your manager. This matchmaker works for a promotion company, who will now be your employer, either for a fight or for several fights, if you sign a contract.
  • The matchmaker finds you an opponent — usually a match-up that the matchmaker thinks is “fan-friendly” (i.e. a fight that the crowd will enjoy).
  • You negotiate a purse. Not a Christian Dior one, but rather the amount of money that you will be paid for the fight.
  • You go into training camp for X amount of weeks, where you train harder than you have ever trained before.
  • You step into a cage and perform in front of paying customers/clients/fans/crowds, like a modern day gladiator.

So how does this differ from Krav Maga?

  • In MMA, you fight for a living. In Krav Maga, you fight for your life.
  • In MMA, you fight to win a purse. In Krav Maga, you fight to keep a purse.
  • In MMA, you fight in a cage. In Krav Maga, you might fight someone who looks like Nicholas Cage in Raising Arizona.

Thus, Mixed Martial Arts and Krav Maga serve two completely different purposes: sport versus self-defense.

For those of you who do watch MMA — or who have never seen it but want to experience it live — I went through all of the above and will be fighting on June 4th for Respect in the Cage in Pomona. I’m in my last week of training camp, and I’m ready to go.

For all my fights, I will donate 10% of my purse to the Marni Fund, in support of cancer research. Get your tickets from one of our locations.

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