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What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

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  • What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    I would like to start a thread where Krav Maga practitioners let us know what they practiced/learned in class today. Basically would just like to kow what others are learning and how they're learning.

    So for me our last class focused on pads throughout. No real techniques other than practicing straight punces and low straight punches. All threw in some legs.

    The best part was the end where the instructor had the students completely surround 1 student with pads and the center student had to "burst" out while being pushed with pads. Very tiring and a great experience.


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    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    Last class was headlock and bear hug defense.

    For combatives we did elbows.


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      Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

      Last night we did
      * exhaustion drills on tombstone pad - punching, elbows, knees, all three - 45 seconds of each
      * inside defense work (which I'm pretty ordinary at)
      * fighting 2 opponents (6 to 8 strikes on BG1 while sighting BG2, move to BG2 without giving your back to BG1, 6 to 8 strikes on BG2)
      * slow fighting.

      Awesome thread!

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        Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

        got wore down by Pascal in our re-certification class, 1 down for 4 days to go...


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          Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

          Pascal will do that to ya...

          I like the spirit of this thread. My last class (Thursday) involved a typical KM warm-up, a review of 360 defenses, a review of two knife defenses (overhead stab and straight stab) with the red knives and then... ZAP!!! Shockknife time!

          It was great to see how much better some folks got when it was game time with the Shockknife. Everyone got to go through each type of attack several times. It was a great time.
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            Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

            Yesterday we did:
            -drills against the tombstone. First was heel-palms, then hammerfists. For each technique we did increments which increased every minute. Started with 1,2 then 1,2,3, then 1,2,3,4 then 6 then 8.
            -Side choke hold defense
            -Front choke hold defense with push


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              Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

              Last night:
              • Warmed up with elbow strikes 1-7, left/right combinations to focus mitts, left/right combinations followed by left/right elbow strikes to focus mitts, and knee strikes.
              • Utilizing boxing gloves, a focus mitt and a Thai pad, expanded on a chain drill that involved punching combinations, inside defenses, knee strikes and round kicks.
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                Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

                Medicine ball warmup
                Strikes w/tombstones---palm, straight punch, elbow
                Front Choke defense---added a second attacker (used round house)


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                  Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

                  As a Student: Theme was Ground Work
                  • Worked Situp and Sweep
                  • Buck trap and Roll
                  • Arm Bars from Guard and Side Mount
                  • Worked Defenses to arm bars
                  • Then we did free work from the ground with our partners working the above potions
                  • Then Worked from Standing to take downs into Ground work
                  • Oh And how can I forget my favorite all time combative... HEAD BUTTS!!!
                  • Side Note - Instead of working for position and submissions I really wanted to just put a finger in an eye or reaches for the nuts twist and pull but I was a good training partner.

                  As an Instructor:
                  KO Heavy Bag Class: Theme: Multiple Combination's that include Uppercuts. Lots of Movement! A lot of 15secs on/off, A/B drills with strikes. For Example:
                  A - On Bag striking 100% for 15secs
                  B - Off bag holding Planks
                  - I yell switch and well they switch for 2 min.

                  Level 1: Straight Punch Low, Defense to Low Straight Punch, Front Kick to Groin and Front and Side Ground Stance and Movement
                  Warm Up:
                  - Jog in Place, Shaking out arms
                  - Knee's High, conti. Jogging in place
                  - 10 Push ups, 30 Crunches, 20 Squats
                  - Jumping Jacks
                  - Moved them into just moving side to side on balls of feet
                  - Transitioned to Fighting stances, Shortened the movements
                  - Transitioned to moving in Fighting stance
                  - Shoulder tag drill from fighting stance

                  Partnered up w. tombstone worked straight punch combo's 1 - 4.
                  Note: NO ONE WAS MOVING! So I stopped class and asked why no once was moving? Either before they strike (advancing) or after they strike. They corrected and we moved onto...


                  - Worked Low Straight Punches
                  Note: Most remembered to Move in and out circling around after strikes.

                  - Defense to Low Straight Punch
                  Note: Stopped class a couple times to call them out for being too nice and not actually trying TO PUNCH THEIR PARTNER IN THE GUT! No need to defend when their is no attack!.

                  - Front Kick to Groin
                  Note: Had one student kick the tombstone so hard it ripped the handle off. That made me very happy. Progressed to Drill, calling punch combo's ending every combo with a front kick to the groin.

                  -Ground Stances and Movement
                  After working Dry took the shoulder tag drill where one attacker is trying to tag the should of the person who is down in their ground stance. They soon realized how much it sucks to fight/defend from being on your back.

                  GREAT THREAD!


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                    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

                    Warmup: 1. medicine ball runs
                    2. push-ups
                    3. sit-ups
                    4. mountain climbers

                    Then palm strikes to kickpad with jumping over and crawling under a bungee cord added in.

                    A lot of practice work on lower and upper roundhouse kicks.

                    Then went over 6 elbow strikes.

                    Finished with self-defense drill with three attackers: One choking, and the other two to hit with palm strikes and lower,side kicks.


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                      Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

                      Warm up: Run in place.
                      Jumping jacks,
                      Jumpig jacks feet to cross
                      Jumping jacks feet front and back

                      Down on ground in pushup position, left hand on tombstone, , pop right hand on, left off, and repeat, for maybe 1 minute. Then, do same, with pushup on each side X20.

                      Then, pushup position, doing "half circles" in plank.

                      Up, with partner, eyes closed, get hit with the pad, partner calls a # of strikes, 1-10, your choice what they are. Maybe 2 minute rounds.

                      Drink break.

                      First night in Blue Belt curriculum,

                      Worked spinning heel kicks...I am not good at them.
                      Worked DEFENSE against mid-high round kick and spinning heel kicks...I am not good at them.
                      Fun to be in a class where I am bad at stuff (not that I am a rock star at everything else), and I can see marked improvement from the beginning of a drill to the end.

                      After class, a few of us stuck around and we worked some gun defenses. These are getting there, but if ever there is a move that needs to be perfect... amatures practice till they get it right. pros practice until they can't get it wrong...and at gun defenses...we all better be pros!
                      "Hey, that disarm would work a little better if you liquify his face or smash his groin first"....where else can you hear this, and instead of being think "Hey, that's a solid point you've got!"


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                        Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

                        As a level 1 student:

                        • Jogging around the room
                        • Jogging with high knees
                        • Shuffling facing in and out of the circle
                        • Shadow boxing while running
                        • Running 3/4 of the room, sprinting the last 1/4
                        • 4-count pushups
                        • Divebombers
                        • Squats

                        • Straight punch free work on tombstone
                        • Knee free work on kick pads
                        • Hammer punches

                        • Headlock defense w/ eyes closed, lights off, by different people at random
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                          Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

                          Knife defense at various distances.

                          One thing we did was that we put our shin guards on our forearms and had our partners knife attack us as hard as they could (bare fisted tho, without the knife) to get a feel for the force of a furious knife attack. Interesting!

                          Also did stick defenses from various angles (which I'm not good yet at because of the number of scenarios and defense options).

                          Eyes closed drill - attacked by one of three attackers with sticks, attacking from different angles.



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                            Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

                            Last night's Expert class (for people not in Colorado I guess that's the equivalent of Level 4-5, the altitude lets us do our own thing, lol) warm up was lots of shoulder/knee tapping - if tapped 1 burpee, pushups, crunches, stretching; then gun gun gun. From the front, touching front of head, touching side of head. And lots of ground & pound.

                            It'd been 9 months since last high level class & what a great experience, despite the cut up hands.
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                              Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

                              L1/L2 Class:

                              Jump-Rope, push-up, mountain climbers, sprints

                              Review: Front Punch, Hammer Fist Strikes, Front Kicks

                              Bear Hug from behing with and witout arms
                              Choke from Behind

                              Ended with drill that combined everything from class with attackers and partner with pad.

                              Good sweaty workout.