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May 13

Self Defense Kids Will Love: Get Them Active and Knowledgeable About Defense

pushup-300x205 In today’s society, when asked to choose between a video game controller and a basketball, many children would pick the video game controller. It’s sad to say, but kids would much rather fend off digital zombies than have any part in their school’s extracurricular activities, or even play outside. In a technology-driven world where children can experience excitement without any physical exertion, it’s just too easy to give up physical activity—but that doesn’t mean that it’s a lost cause. With the right activity, you can motivate your child to be the exception.

Introduce your child to our km-X™ kids program at Krav Maga Worldwide. Our classes are always fun and encouraging, while simultaneously promoting an active, healthy lifestyle and teaching your child how to realistically defend themselves should a dangerous situation arise.


How Krav Maga Stands Apart

Our km-X™ kids program isn’t like your typical martial arts programs—it’s a practical self defense system built on the principles of Krav Maga and crafted for children between the ages of 5 and 13. While other self defense systems may require years upon years of practice in order to reach a place of functionality, Krav Maga is designed to teach very effective techniques in a relatively short period of time—even for kids.

Children lose interest pretty fast when there is no action involved, and because Krav Maga focuses on function over form, your child won’t have to suffer through hour-long sessions of meditation and perfecting poses. Based on simple principles and instinctive movements, Krav Maga is a self defense system that allows kids to get in on the action right away—it’s a self defense kids will love

Benefits of KMW’s Self Defense Kids Only Program

While there are countless benefits that your child can gain from taking part in Krav Maga Worldwide’s self defense kids only program, here are a few of the most important features:

  • You child will get the exercise their body needs to stay strong and healthy.
  • Your child will be able to grow and interact with others, building solid relationships with their peers and mentors.
  • Your child will obtain a better sense of self-worth and gain self-esteem, which are very important qualities to have in a world so heavily riddled with cases of bullying.
  • Your will learn self-discipline, which translates into better behavior at home and attention in school.

By seeing that they can achieve their goals by simply working hard and putting their attention where it needs to be, your child will feel more confident in their abilities than ever before—and that confidence will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Getting Your Child Knowledgeable About Self Defense kmxbb

It can be difficult to sit your child down and explain to them about the dangers in the world, but it’s all too necessary in our world. When your child is knowledgeable about self defense and has the skills it takes to ward off an attacker, or at least make it to an authority figure safely, you can finally start to breathe again.

Krav Maga is self defense kids will love, but it can also be the difference between life and death. Talk to your child about the dangers out there, and sign them up for Krav Maga Worldwide’s self defense kids only program today. In fact, by signing up today, your child will even receive a free intro class. For any questions, call us today at (800) KRAV-MAGA.

Apr 23

Krav Maga Santa Monica Self-Defense Offers Valuable Skills for Young People

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No parent ever wants to imagine their child being faced with a terrifying scenario. Yet, as kids grow up, it’s inevitable that they will spend less time under your protection and more time on their own. This is a part of life, and the only way to keep kids safe is to educate them.

Whether a child is on the playground at school, riding bikes in the neighborhood, or at a sleepover with friends, being aware of basic safety rules will go a long way in keeping him or her protected. However, the aim should be to empower kids, not make them afraid of the world around them. Teaching them to avoid bullies and be wary of child predators simply isn’t enough. They also need to know how to physically defend themselves.

The Krav Maga Self-Defense for Kids Program

Our Krav Maga Santa Monica classes offer kids a training program that can also develop life-saving instincts and physical strength. It makes a great supplement to the safety lessons most children are already learning from their parents, such as how to dial 911 in an emergency and how to recognize when to be wary of strangers.

With our program in Krav Maga, Santa Monica’s children can have self-defense training that includes:

  • Practical exercises with real-life scenarios, such as an attack by a kidnapper
  • An environment focused on learning, not competition
  • Repetitive, though not boring, learning techniques that have been proven effective
  • Age-appropriate training
  • An education on conflict resolution and why violence should always be the last resort
  • A program that can greatly increase physical fitness and emotional health through the benefits of exercise

Krav Maga and Self-Esteem: How Confidence Can Save a Child’s Life

As most parents are already aware, bullying is an escalating problem in the United States. When you think of how bullying relates to Krav Maga, you might imagine your child having the ability to fight off a physical attack. This is a valuable skill, but the Krav Maga Santa Monica program can help your child onto a path of greater success.

As a child sees him or herself improve with the Krav Maga practice, confidence and self-esteem will develop. In Krav Maga, people are individuals who fight their battles for themselves, and a child’s practice is unique. It takes time, but as the training works its magic and the child learns discipline and determination, he or she will also develop assertiveness and self-confidence that can greatly aid in settling conflicts with bullies and staying calm in other dangerous situations.

At the same time, improvements in physical fitness will fight against the physical aspects of depression and anxiety, which, unfortunately, many young people are dealing with today.

The Krav Maga Santa Monica km-X™ Youth Program

Our program teaches self-defense for kids in a fun, supportive, and effective way. We stress function over form, teaching kids to use their natural reflexes to defend themselves with efficiency. If you’re interested in our Krav Maga youth program, please contact us today. Krav Maga Worldwide’s qualified trainers are ready to supply your kids with an education that can enrich and protect them for the rest of their lives.


Apr 16

Empower Your Daughter with Lessons in Self Defense for Girls

KMW fight-like-girl2

In a world filled with bullying and societal pressures, we need our girls to grow up knowing that they are smart, strong, and empowered. No matter what goals they aspire to achieve, our young women need to know that if they work hard, they can reach for the stars. If you want your daughter to feel comfortable in her own skin and be a part of a community, think about enrolling her in Krav Maga Worldwide’s self defense lessons. No matter her age or skill level, there is a place for her in our community—and self defense for girls could be the best thing you ever opened her eyes to.


What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a real world self defense system that was originally designed for the Israeli Defense Forces, but has since gone global. The Krav Maga self defense system is still being used on the battlefield and is now the preferred system for the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies. It has also been reworked to benefit ordinary people. No matter your skill level when starting out, Krav Maga Worldwide self defense lessons will teach you to keep yourself safe and work through the shock of unexpected situations.

You Can Start Young

If you’re worried that taking lessons in self defense for girls is off the table for you daughter due to her young age, don’t be. It’s never too early to plant the seed of confidence. At Krav Maga Worldwide, we offer a special program focused on our youths, called km-X Kids Self-Defense. In our youth program we offer a variety of levels—that way each child gets the attention they need, no matter their skill level—for children between the ages 5–13.  Unlike traditional martial arts, we focus on function rather than form, and our teachings revolve around functional, effective self-defense—all the while maintaining an upbeat, encouraging environment.Young-Girl-smile-straight-punch-copy-230x300

Preparing For the Teenage Years

Every parent pictures their child as just that—a child. Even as your daughter grows into a young woman, you want to make sure that she can weed out the bad seeds, know when to say no to societal pressures, and know how to defend herself if she ever ends up in a potentially dangerous situation.

By taking lessons in self defense for girls, your daughter will grow up knowing what treatment she deserves, how to steer clear of bad situations, and how to fight back against those who would harm her.

Make the Call

Your peace of mind is a benefit in itself, but just imagine how your daughter will grow, thanks to self defense for girls. Not only will she be able to feel good about her body, learn self-discipline, and gain self-esteem, but she will be happy to see you cheering her on the entire way.

For more information on our youth program and how self-defense for girls will benefit your daughter’s life, call 800-KRAV-MAGA today!

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Mar 30

How Krav Maga for Children Teaches Discipline & Structure


Have you been wondering if Krav Maga for children could potentially benefit your kids? If so, you’re onto something big.

Maybe you’re interested in Krav Maga because you’re about your child’s safety, and you would sleep better at night knowing your kids have learned a thing or two about fighting off an attacker. Maybe your kids aren’t interested in traditional team sports, and you feel they need an athletic outlet. No matter your reasons, it’s safe to say that studying this effective fighting style will offer plenty of benefits, some of which you might not have even considered.

How Krav Maga for Children Teaches Confidence and Cultivates Self-worth

There are some kids who thrive in athletics and others who struggle, and because of the nature of team sports, the kids who are naturals tend to be praised by coaches, as well as their peers.

Kids who are pressured to play team sports often feel responsible for the team’s losses, and even end up being teased by their teammates over missing a goal or striking out at bat. This leads to a fear of disappointing others, on top of the child feeling like his or her skills aren’t up to par.

Krav Maga for children offers an entirely different structure. It’s an individual sport that is practiced within a team setting, offering all of the positives of a group without any of the negatives. If your child has a bad day in class, he or she will not have to worry about upsetting the other teammates. There will be no pressure for your child to progress at a faster pace than what comes naturally, and plenty of support will be offered along the way.

Other Great Life Skills that Krav Maga for Children can Teach



  • Understanding Discipline


There are clear rules for how a student needs to behave during self-defense classes, and disrespect for these rules will never be tolerated by any quality Krav Maga instructor. The art of Israeli self-defense also teaches that engaging in fighting is never something to be taken lightly. Your child will learn that fighting  should only be used in serious situations where physical defense is required.

If your child struggles with discipline, and Krav Maga is something that he or she is interested in learning, this will be a good opportunity to improve behavior. Kids are generally more attentive when they are learning something that excites them. This is why Krav Maga for children is so beneficial.


  • Learning to Focus

Thanks to the modern world and the way we are all constantly being bombarded with media, many children struggle to stay focused. There is always something to watch on television, something to look at online, or someone to chat with on social media. This lack of focus makes schoolwork more difficult, and Krav Maga for children can help tune out the constant background noise and teach concentration. Research has shown that karate can help kids who suffer from ADD, and Krav Maga offers many of the same benefits.


  • Seeing the Value of Commitment


Krav Maga is not something that can be learned in a day. It takes most kids a great deal of time before they really begin to see progress. If your kids can stick to the program, they will see themselves improve over time and begin to realize that all things in life work that way. With commitment and effort, anything can be accomplished, and learning that at a young age will help your kids conquer all of their dreams.

Krav Maga Training Centers: Quality Self-defense Classes for Children

If you’re ready to find a school that teaches Krav Maga for children, look no further. Krav Maga Training Centers is enrolling in our km-X youth program now. Our instructors understand that each child has individual strengths and weaknesses, and we will work with your kids to get them feeling strong and capable of protecting themselves. There simply is no better way to give your kids an edge in life, and the confidence they gain in their Krav Maga classes will have a positive effect on their social lives, academic performance, and overall happiness. Give us a call at 1-800-572-8624 to get your kids enrolled now!