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    Re: Comfortable Groin Protection

    This is what I use. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement.



    Re: Comfortable Groin Protection

    I actually bought the Shock Doctor Air Core hard cup. It is advertised to be as strong as the bio flex but weighs less. While no cup is comfortable, I have found it to be more so than others. It came with the compression shorts, but the cup moves around too much and actually hurts a little since it can grind into sensitive spots. I am using the cup with a jockstrap instead, as the jock hold it in place better.


    I got my Top Ten groin guard 30 years ago. It has been serving me well back then while I was kickboxing and boxing. It’s actually designed for kickboxing where it stays in place while you throw high kicks. Hard to find a piece of equipment that one can use for 30 years. Not sure if the new makes have the same quality like the old ones.
    The Totiro website is down. I think Top Ten changed their distributors. Fighters is selling them out of Florida, now.

    quote GerryLA:

    Re: Comfortable Groin Protection

    I just bought this. The Top Ten Groin Guard.

    When it comes in and if I start training (wish they would open up a Krav Maga Center in the Eastern/Hollywood/Los Feliz part of Los Angeles) I will let you know what I think.

    Expensive, but looks beautiful and the http://www.totiro-usa.com website talks about it glowingly.


Viewing 3 posts - 61 through 63 (of 63 total)
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