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    Re: Welcome -cmon Introduce Yourself

    Hi everyone,

    I started training in Krav Maga in March of this year. I’ve gotta say, it’s addictive! Anyway, I’m Dave and train in Regina, Canada.


    Re: Welcome -cmon Introduce Yourself

    Hi Northern Sol, welcome. It is without a doubt addictive. I have been taking classes on and off for the last year now. I must admit that I have had my ups and downs with it, but overall it has been fun informative and given my body and brain something new to learn to say nothing of the fact that it has helped to make me a little more confidante.


    Re: Welcome -cmon Introduce Yourself

    Hi All,

    I am Mark and like everybody out there , I would like to know how to defend myself and family incase i need to. I am trying to learn KM, but where i am doesn’t seem to have any facility to learn it. I am currently working in Nigeria and would like to find a good instructor who can teach me this beautiful art of self defence. In the UK where i was based before we havegood schools, but here in Nigeria its non existence



    Re: Welcome -cmon Introduce Yourself

    I am new to the art of Krav Maga but I absolutley love it. I have been training in Missouri for about a month and it is very addictive.

    Derek Caswell


    Re: Welcome -cmon Introduce Yourself

    Hi all!!!

    I am a Yellow grade practitioner have a year and half practicing Krav Maga, I am very confident with this system his approach to learn and the focus and methods on training.

    I wrote from Madrid, Spain.


    Re: Welcome -cmon Introduce Yourself

    hi everyone Im dennis 37 yrs old staying in kuwait to work but originally from philippines and would like to start just to learn KM in kuwait, recently join this forum and would like to ask if there is any training center here in kuwait or there is possibility that anyone is setting-up in kuwait. hoping that soon someone will start KM in kuwait.



    Re: Welcome -cmon Introduce Yourself

    Hey. Looking for seminars in the U.S. for 2016. Have over 150 hours of krav training over the last 2 and a half years. LOVE IT. Instructor certified to test up to level 1 which I passed after 1 year. The krav facility I attend is the only krav option within 250 miles. willing to travel anywhere in U.S. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:(:


    Re: Welcome -cmon Introduce Yourself

    Hey y’all.


    Hi guys. After spending a little bit of time training in different arts (BJJ, Boxing, Kickboxing, a little Aikido, a little Escrima) I have started Krav Maga and finally feel like I’m home. I’m in my second week of training at the North Campus of Krav Maga Houston and I am loving it. The philosophy behind Krav and the way the lessons and instruction are put together really click with me and I find myself retaining way more information than I did training any of the other arts that I’ve tried.

    My wife has signed up with me and we’re going to train together as much as possible. I hope to become more involved in the Krav Maga community as I continue my training. Thanks!


    Welcome pow-low my experience is similar on the opposite, first I practiced Kick Boxing, Boxing and a little of JKD then I start Krav Maga and with one year and half I understood that I must leran BJJ and continue with boxing. Now also are training ICCS I recommend to you this version of Krav Maga.


    Hello from Philadelphia. I’m actually not a krav maga student, but I am a huge fan of your fighting style. I do MMA, but I also have a huge respect for krav because I have sparred with km athletes during my time in school. What I like most is that your fighting style is so well-rounded. I hope to learn a lot from you all during my time here.


    Hi there! I have trained in Krav Maga briefly in the past but would really like to get back into it.

    I’m a woman in a man’s world now, working as a Firefighter/EMT. I’ve already have a couple close calls with psych patients trying to bite a chunk out of me or drug addicts fighting (successfully) against their restraints in the back of the ambulance. I’m hoping to find someone or a group with whom I can have private lessons. I’ve gone to traditional classes which are wonderful, however they seem to focus more on fitness. I’m already pretty dedicated to my fitness (as it’s a job requirement) and really need more technique based instruction.

    If anyone has any suggestions for the Denver metro area let me know! Thanks so much!

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