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    Re: Is it normal during an introductory class to just about give up?

    Hey I think you’re the same person that I recommended on another forum to look into Krav Maga. Is that correct?

    Well anyhow I’ve started recently as well and I went in thinking I was in good shape. At this point I leave every class drenched in sweat and pretty much tapped out of energy and strength.

    That’s one of the instructor’s goals. Making sure you get a great workout combined with your techniques.

    I do suggest combinging aerobic and anarobic training to supplement your Krav Maga. Doing intervals on a bike/elliptical will surely help you make it through class much easier.

    To specifically answer your question in most of my classes there is at least one person that doesn’t complete all exercises/workouts and it appears to be conditioning or in some cases pain.



    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    L1/L2 Class:

    Running, sprints to start.
    Side Movement with combined left/right straight punches
    shoulder and knee tag with partner (tiring)
    push up position hand tag with partner (very tiring)

    Reviewed and drilled on side hammer fist with combatives to finish off. Added multiple attacker drill with kicks pads.

    Did conditioning drill: 3 sets of:
    10 left,right straigt, right elbow
    10 squat jumps
    5 right round kicks, 5 left round kicks
    10 pushups

    Finished up with front choke against wall review and practice

    A lot in one hour


    Re: ground work

    Yes welcome to the forum. I’ve actually not done any groundwork yet but looking forward to it. Our school actually has nights dedicated to just ground work and I’ll definitely be attending those.


    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    L1/L2 Class:

    Jump-Rope, push-up, mountain climbers, sprints

    Review: Front Punch, Hammer Fist Strikes, Front Kicks

    Bear Hug from behing with and witout arms
    Choke from Behind

    Ended with drill that combined everything from class with attackers and partner with pad.

    Good sweaty workout.


    Re: What did you do in Krav Maga class today?

    Warmup: 1. medicine ball runs
    2. push-ups
    3. sit-ups
    4. mountain climbers

    Then palm strikes to kickpad with jumping over and crawling under a bungee cord added in.

    A lot of practice work on lower and upper roundhouse kicks.

    Then went over 6 elbow strikes.

    Finished with self-defense drill with three attackers: One choking, and the other two to hit with palm strikes and lower,side kicks.


    Re: List of KMW endorsed organizations

    There is the Krav Maga Alliance:

    The facility where I train is under this organization. Looks like John Whitman who was president of KMWW started his own organization.

    Does anyone know why this occured? Why he left to start his own?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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